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This Cardboard Standing Desk is Actually Pretty Cool

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This Cardboard Standing Desk is Actually Pretty Cool

When you read the words “cardboard standing desk” in the title, you may have pictured a large, flimsy cardboard on its side or upside down that bows inward when you put anything on it. Well, this isn’t that kind of cardboard desk; It’s actually very sturdy and stylish. Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular because they’re better for your health; sitting all day can actually kill you. So, why not get one that is good for you and the earth?

Chairigami, a company based in New Haven, CT, creates furniture (chairs and tables) made out of corrugated cardboard. You might think of it as a joke when first hearing about it, but the pieces are actually pretty cool and useful. The Cardboard Standing Desk alone can hold up to 300lbs and will easily last 2-3 years. Plus, it’s light weight, eco-friendly and really easy to put together and take apart (making it easy to take with you).

Since so much cardboard does to waste on a daily basis, it only makes sense to put it to good use such as with this standing desk. It’s great for small spaces and will look good just about anywhere in your house. Plus, cardboard is really easy to customize – just add some paint, stickers or even draw on a design with markers. It’s definitely on my wishlist now, how about you?

The Cardboard Standing Desk | Kickstarter

Featured photo credit: Chairigami via kickstarter.com

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