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If You Think Heartbreak Is Only A Metaphor, Science Proves You Wrong

A heartbreak is literally for real, not a mere metaphor. I guess only those who have truly experienced really really bad and depressing things will agree with this. Some people may think that experiencing a break up will tear one’s heart apart is just exaggerating, but is it? Science actually proves that the mental sufferings do lead to an aching heart.

“While no one has yet studied what exactly goes on in the upper-body cavity during the moments of heartbreak that might account for the physical pain, the results of the aforementioned fMRI study of heartbroken individuals indicate that when the subjects looked at and discussed their rejecter, they trembled, cried, sighed, and got angry, and in their brains these emotions triggered activity in the same area associated with physical pain. Another study that explored the emotional-physical pain connection compared fMRI results on subjects who touched a hot probe with those who looked at a photo of an ex-partner and mentally relived that particular experience of rejection. The results confirmed that social rejection and physical pain are rooted in exactly the same regions of the brain. So when you say you’re “hurt” as a result of being rejected by someone close to you, you’re not just leaning on a metaphor. As far as your brain is concerned, the pain you feel is no different from a stab wound.”

– This Is Your Brain On Heartbreak, Greater Good

Your physical reactions do connect with your mental sufferings, still don’t believe it? Maybe you should try something heart-breaking like being dumped or being let down – no just kidding! Read more in This Is Your Brain On Heartbreak.

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