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These Facts about Hospital Cleanliness May Surprise You

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These Facts about Hospital Cleanliness May Surprise You

Hospital personnel have very fast-paced and overwhelming jobs. Not only do they have to care for numerous patients at a time, but they also must be sure to constantly sterilize and sanitize themselves as well as the equipment and supplies they use. Sadly, as hard as they try it’s still not enough to ward off infections. As you read through the infographic below, the facts about hospital cleanliness are sure to surprise you.

Not only do 1 in 20 inpatients develop an infection that is related to hospital care, but 12% of the time these infections are fatal; approximately 90,000 people die each year from these infections. A large percentage of these deaths can easily be prevented if hospital personnel would follow the caregiver prevention tips listed below.

The two top reasons for infection in hospitals is due to dirty hands and poor disinfection practices; this includes improperly disinfecting equipment like IV devices and catheters. If you ever feel like your nurse or doctor is not practicing proper hygiene, don’t be afraid to speak up; it’s not worth risking the life of yourself or a loved one.

These Facts about Hospital Cleanliness May Surprise You Infographic

    It’s really important to be aware of these risks associated with hospital visits, so be sure to spread the word by sharing this infographic.

    Shocking Facts & Statistics About the Cleanliness of Hospitals | Curos

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