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There's An Amazing Reason Why You Should Convert Your Music To 432 Hz

Everything is made of energy vibrating at a certain speed.  The air, water, grass…even our own bodies.  And of course, music.

Since the International Standards Organization (ISO) promoted the standard in 1953, most music you hear is tuned to 440 Hz – the frequency of its vibrating energy.  Now we are being told that 440 Hz is out of sync with the natural order of things and our own bodies, and 432 Hz would align music with our own natural rhythm.

Just how did 440 Hz become the standard?

Apparently it was first promoted by Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, after scientific research showed it to be the frequency that most induces fear and aggression.  Apparently there was enough support for such an idea in other countries for the ISO to adopt it as a standard a few years later.

This image shows the difference between the same sound coming through a woofer (speaker) at 432 Hz and then at 440 Hz.  Which explains why 432 Hz music feels like it comes from within, instead of being blasted at us from outside.

And that is why you should convert your music to 432 Hz.

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