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Want To Fly Freely But Don’t Have A License? You Definitely Want This.

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Want To Fly Freely But Don’t Have A License? You Definitely Want This.

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s……. a bicycle!? It sounds crazy, but soon you may be saying just that thanks to the Paravelo — the world’s first flying bicycle. This is a project by the Environmental Transport Association. As the name suggests, the company promotes cycling and other forms of sustainable transport. Not much background is given about the Parevelo, but the aim of the project is to “allow your own adventure to take flight.”

The Paravelo can be ridden like a regular bicycle and transforms into an “easy-to-operate aircraft.” No license is needed to ride or fly it, which gives practically everyone the freedom to operate one. The Paravelo can take off from any open space and reaches as high as 4,000 ft in the air. Plus, it travels at 15mph on land and 25mph in the air.

So the question is: would you ride this flying bicycle? It looks kind of fun, but is definitely not fun for those who are afraid of heights. It looks to be pretty secure with a seatbelt and parachute. I’m sure there will be many improvements before it’s released. It might even be cool to see a second seat added so that you can ride your flying bicycle with a friend. What do you think?

World’s First Flying Bicycle – Paravelo Miaden Flight 2013 | YouTube

Featured photo credit: ETAservices via youtu.be

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