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The Weirdest Toilets From Around the World

When you think of a toilet, you probably think of the average sanitation fixture that sits in your home bathroom. There’s nothing exciting about it, but it gets the job done. However, when it’s broken, it’s truly missed by the entire family. I’m sure we can all agree that toilets are indeed important and very necessary.

The toilets on this infographic though are far from boring. Not only are these some of the weirdest toilets from around the world, they’re also some of the most exciting and unique. Just see for yourself.

One of the toilets that really catches my eye is the “Get Hatched” alien-like egg shaped toilet. You can find it in the award-winning restaurant Sketch, which is in London.

The Weirdest Toilets From Around the World Infographic

The “Aquarium Bathroom” ladies-only underwater restroom in Japan is also pretty amazing. If you enjoyed these weird toilets, be sure to share this infographic with your friends. Which toilet on the list would you most like to use?

Infographic: The Weirdest Toilets Around the World | Punctual Plumbers San Antonio

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