Wanderlist: 60 Cities To Visit Before You Die

Wanderlist: 60 Cities To Visit Before You Die

It’s never too late to go on a holiday you’ll never forget. Or 60 holidays! Here’s a list of 60 of the best cities to visit, according to tourists around the globe. It will give you a little glimpse of each location with three suggested attractions or activities that are a must-see (or do!) while you are there. Read on and maybe you’ll be a little inspired to start planning the ultimate holiday.

1. Los Angeles, USA


    Sunny LA with all its energetic buzz of dreamers and go-getters, it can be superficial but also multicultural and complex. Visiting Hollywood, the birthplace of the iconic Mickey Mouse, and taking selfies on the Star Walk of Fame are just a snippet of the LA experience.

    Things to do:

    2. Marrakech, Morocco


      Pulsating with stunning mosques, fascinating crafts and luxury living, Marrakech is a very popular destination amongst travellers. Whether you’d like to circle the Koutoubia mosque or enjoy a culinary high with a side of modern art, it’s all here from the exotic to the hypnotic.

      Things to do:

      3. New York City, USA


        If you’re a first-timer, go ahead and be as touristy as possible. Visit the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, the Met, Central Park … But if you’ve got more time, be sure to delve into the neighborhoods because you’ll surely find quirky shops, delis and hole-in-the-wall bars. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience to go behind the scenes here.

        Things to do:

        4. Chiang Mai, Thailand

        CNX Chiang Mai Waterfalls

          Chiang Mai is laid back, vibrant and reverential. Explore the famous Night Bazaar, the National Museum, and the Botanic Gardens to soak up as much of the culture and exquisite aromas of Thai orchids as possible. Spiritual vibes are also at an all-time high here with the city’s center being home to over 30 temples.

          Things to do:

          5. Budapest, Hungary


            Budapest is a gem of Baroque, neoclassical, eclectic and Secessionist buildings to satisfy the architectural cravings of its eager visitors. Not your thing? Well, Budapest has more to offer, from the poignant scars of war and history, to an abundance of thermal and mineral hot springs, so the options are numerous.

            Things to do:

            • Take a Danube cruise for a stunning panoramic view
            • Take a dip at one of Budapest’s famous baths
            • Walk across Chain Bridge and you’ll understand why it’s often called the ‘Pearl of the Danube’

            6. Krakow, Poland


              Krakow is Poland’s second largest city covering both banks of the Wisla River. To many first-timers it’s easy to feel at home very quickly in its old-world ambiance and charm. Old Town and Kazimierz’s streets are crammed with galleries, cafés, pubs and restaurants, all for your touristic enjoyment.

              Things to do:

              7. Saint Petersburg, Russia


                This is the Russia cultural heart, home to the architectural jewels of the Winter Palace and the Kazan Cathedral, with a side of the world-renowned art of the Hermitage. You’ve got everything from art and nightlife to fine dining here.

                Things to do:

                8. Buenos Aires, Argentina


                  This is the seductive and energetic birthplace of the tango, with atmospheric neighbourhoods bursting with romantic restaurants and pumping nightlife. Embellished with European heritage in the architecture, boulevards and parks.

                  Things to do:

                  9. Florence, Italy


                    The dream of every art historian, this city is filled with the work of Michelangelo, which grace the walls of the Basilica di Santa Croce. The city appeals to photographers with its stunning views, and Tuscan cuisine is the cherry on top.

                    Things to do:

                    10. London, England


                      The ultimate cocktail of history, art, fashion and food in one place, that’s London! There’s a little something for everyone from the Tate Modern and the Royal Opera House for the art fanatics, Oxford Street shops for the ones willing to splurge, and Abbey Road and the Sherlock Holmes Museum for the music and book lovers.

                      Things to do:

                      11. Riga, Latvia


                        This city is the largest metropolis in the Baltics and it’s a compelling mix of Latvian traditions and influences from various other countries. Riga is funky and vibrant, trapping travelers long past their departure date. Riga manages to combine its steeples and turrets with an irresistible nightlife and restaurant scene. Old Town, once dubbed the ‘Paris of the East,’ is filled with lavish glass hotels and business centers.

                        Things to do:

                        • Visit the living history of Old City
                        • Take part in a day tour around the city
                        • Go shopping at the Central Market

                        12. Montreal, Canada


                          The Quebecois cosmopolitan center, Montreal is home to an alluring mix of cuisine, festivals and culture with its irresistible pastries, breathtaking heritage such as the Notre-Dame Basilica, and its winter wonderlands of nearby ski resorts and ice hotels. Despite its modest size, it’s packed and you don’t want to miss out on it.


                          Things to do:

                          13. Berlin, Germany


                            A sobering and edgy reminder of the postwar atmosphere, from its fashion to its architecture to its history. But Berlin is a combo of museums, galleries, operas, guerrilla clubs and snack shacks that go beyond its dark history, making it almost reminiscent of 1980s New York.

                            Things to do:

                            14. Lhasa, Tibet

                            Lhasa Tibet China 11

                              The heart and soul of Tibet, deep in the Himalayan mountains, Lhasa remains to be a city of ancient wonder despite the modern Chinese influence. Its streets are bustling with people from all around the world and the city has become a cultural hybrid. Being seen as the ‘real Tibet,’ Lhasa deserves a week of exploration to fully capture the vibes it possesses.

                              Things to do:

                              15. Cape Town, South Africa


                                Known as the ‘Mother City’ with all of Mother Nature’s beautiful wonders, the proudly multicultural community that coexists in harmony gives Cape Town an exotic and delicious touch. The Table Mountain National Park is the most important attraction and in essence defines the city as a whole, and the gorgeous metropolis is filled with chalets, parks, Afro-chic decor and restaurants for all tastes.

                                Things to do

                                16. Siem Reap, Cambodia


                                  Being one of the largest religious complexes in the world, Siem Reap has become one of the most popular destination for tourists worldwide. The home of the temples of Angkor, Cambodia’s eighth wonder of the world, has reinvented itself into becoming the epicenter of the new Cambodia. With its temples, history, shopping stalls, food vendors, and  world-class spas, you might want to spend a little more than just a couple of days here.

                                  Things to do:

                                  17. Skopje, Republic of Macedonia


                                    One of Europe’s most riveting and multifaceted cities, with a very historic vibe derived from all that survives from Skopje’s Ottoman and Byzantine-era–from hand-carved ornaments to fortresses. This is accentuated with a very contemporary culture with its bars, clubs and galleries.

                                    Things to do:

                                    18. Istanbul, Turkey


                                      Istanbul is one of the hottest tourist attractions around nowadays. With its mosques, bazaars, Turkish baths, restaurants, galleries and clubs, it’s been dubbed the ‘World’s Hippest City.’ There’s plenty to keep you busy during the day, from sightseeing to getting the ultimate Turkish treatment at a spa, but at night there’s this joie de vivre sensation throughout when the clubs and restaurants are buzzing with action.

                                      Things to do:

                                      19. Hanoi, Vietnam

                                      Hanoi the huc bridge

                                        This exotic city blends medieval and modern as they co-exist in an urban center with Parisian chic and Asian pace. Having survived American bombs and Russian planners, Hanoi re-emerged after economic reforms and is now scattered with huge mansions, grand boulevards, lakes, and parks, not to mention the 600 temples and pagodas. The City of the Soaring Dragon awaits you.

                                        Things to do:

                                        20. Vilnius, Lithuania

                                        OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

                                          Curiously charming, eccentric and soulful. Lined with decadent and fragile Orthodox and Catholic churches, there’s more to this capital than meets the eye as the underlying magic is what creates its soul. The true essence of boho spirit lurks around the reminders of loss and pain that only make it more captivating.

                                          Things to do:

                                          21. Bangkok, Thailand


                                            Bangkok is split into 50 unique districts filled with golden palaces, porcelain inlaid spires, and floating markets and food stalls. The old districts still possess the grit that the city used to have, which makes them a must-see for any first-time visitors. Thai cuisine is one to marvel at too with its diverse sweet, spicy, sour and salty flavors.

                                            Things to do:

                                            22. Barcelona, Spain


                                              Barcelona is Spain’s most cosmopolitan city, with its avant-garde chefs and its flamboyant street performers. Once home to Picasso, Barcelona has been revolutionary when it comes to art and despite the seeming aura of hedonism, its people are very dynamic and hardworking. The capital of Catalonia could keep you occupied for weeks so make sure you pay it a good visit.

                                              Things to do: 

                                              23. Venice, Italy


                                                This is gondola central, with its canals, restaurants, romantic ambiance, Grand Canal palaces and marble churches. Venetians ignore the aqua alta and marvel in their paintings, wine, music and boho-chic trends. Always flowing with admirers at any time of the year, visitors appreciate its cuisine, art and espressos.

                                                Things to do:

                                                24. Dubai, UAE


                                                  Home to the tallest building in the world, the only seven-star hotel and the largest artificial islands, Dubai is the multifaceted cosmopolitan center of the future. Constantly full of surprises, Dubai is ever changing with its multiplying shopping malls, extraordinary architecture and delicious gourmet restaurants featuring a taste of places from all around the globe. In addition, you have the desert to explore: just rent a dune buggy and go crazy.


                                                  Things to do:

                                                  25. Miami, USA


                                                    Sun-kissed, sultry and shimmering. By day, it’s a must to hit the beach, walk about Miami’s colorful Art Deco architecture, or dare to hit the envious South Beach celebrity scene. West of the city is the Everglades, the most eccentric ecosystem in North America while to the North you’ve got the infamous Fort Lauderdale with its yachts and martinis. Miami is sweaty but glamorous and the party is always on, you take your pick!

                                                    Things to do:

                                                    26. Amsterdam, The Netherlands


                                                      History with an urban flair, that’s Amsterdam. The gentle canals are a beautiful backdrop for the Jordaan and Rembrandtplein Square, and no one should miss out on the most moving experience of the Anne Frank House. Amsterdam is cosy and surrounded with artistic treasures like the Van Gogh Museum. Although many tourists are only there to see the Red Light District, be sure to explore the rich history in all the houses that date back to the Golden Age.

                                                      Things to do:

                                                      27. Phuket, Thailand


                                                        With its colorful blend of cultures, rubber trees and tin mines, Phuket has attracted entrepreneurs from all around the world. The Old Town has become infused by current art, food and music and attracts a very hip crowd after having its shophouses and homes renovated. This is a surreal vacation that is perfect for the tourist on a budget.

                                                        Things to do:

                                                        28. Agra, India


                                                          The Taj Mahal is the magical destination that draws tourists to Agra like mad, but that’s not the only attraction worth the visit. There are also the fascinating tombs and mausoleums that are scattered around the city, along with the many vibrant and bustling chowks (the marketplaces).

                                                          Things to do:

                                                          29. Varna, Bulgaria


                                                            This maritime capital is by far the most interesting and cosmopolitan town on the Black Sea coast as it is a combination of port city, naval base and seaside resort. How could it get any more interesting? Beautiful enormous parks, historic feel, Roman baths, museums and a buzzing restaurant scene, that’s how!

                                                            Things to do:

                                                            30. Bali, Indonesia


                                                              The saying that the best things come in small packages is very true when it comes to Bali because it is more than just small, it’s an Indonesian paradise. Listening to your body’s needs and pleasuring it with a massage on the beach or a sybaritic spa is first on your travel checklist. Then comes the shopping, the cuisine and the beautiful, lively nightlife, you will never get enough of the frangipani trees or the enchanting temple ceremonies.

                                                              Things to do:

                                                              31. Brussels, Belgium


                                                                For every fan of the unknown, here’s a bizarre but interesting mix of French and Flemish and café culture. Renowned for great shopping, fab restaurants, sublime chocolate shops, and history dusted and polished into the walls of the historic and decaying buildings. Are you seduced yet?

                                                                Things to do:

                                                                32. Bucharest, Romania


                                                                  Most don’t speak too fondly of this capital, but it’s perplexing. That’s its point! It’s medieval and home to many of Romania’s most historic churches. This is the place to leave your comfort zone and just go exploring all the elegant vibes of the 20th century, French-influenced architecture. Stick around for more than a day, and it’ll just make sense.

                                                                  Things to do: 

                                                                  33. Lima, Peru


                                                                    Lima is for those willing to delve deep into a city to truly understand and unravel the beauty underneath the foggy and chaotic atmosphere. Lima’s beauties are humble, hiding amid the high rises where the pre-Columbian temples and colonial mansions lie. Lima also makes up for the aesthetics with a multitude of experiences, from museums filled with poetry to golf clubs and crowded nightclubs. This is what you’d call a hot mess, don’t miss it.

                                                                    Things to do:

                                                                    34. Zürich, Switzerland


                                                                      A major destination for all things shopping and contemporary art. Some say the city’s Protestant modesty is truly what saves it from getting just a little carried away with its vibrant collection of bars, restaurants and clubs with the most buzzing nightlife you’ll see. If it was once seen as dull, it surely isn’t anymore!

                                                                      Things to do:

                                                                      35. Shanghai, China

                                                                      China Shanghai town city blocks of flats high-rise buildings city skyline Huangpu river flow Pudong evening travel traveling

                                                                        Shanghai is the chance to acquire a taste of the past, present and future in one dynamic cosmopolitan center in the world’s fastest-changing nation. Exhilarating, and obsessed with the latest fads, fashions and technology, this city has got European-style cityscapes and a sci-fi skyline, so don’t miss out on it.

                                                                        Things to do:

                                                                        36. Kyoto, Japan


                                                                          Kyoto is the home to masterpieces of religious architecture, beautiful temples, exalted gardens and decorated shrines. There are said to be over 1,000 Buddhist temples along with a varied range of excellent restaurants, ancient specialty shops, and a feel for all the seasons in one.


                                                                          Things to do:

                                                                          37. Siena, Italy


                                                                            This Tuscan town will take you back in time with its marvelous marble floors, artwork and heritage from the Middle Ages. The city’s artistic glories are largely Gothic and that is transcendant in its cathedrals and the medieval tradition that involves bareback riders (dangerously) racing on cobblestones. It’s thrilling: a must-see for any avid traveler.

                                                                            Things to do:

                                                                            38. Dublin, Ireland


                                                                              Dublin wears everything on its Irish sleeve, from its fascinating history to its brilliant personality and with all Georgian elegance aside, Dublin is not like the other European capitals. It’s amiable and witty and leaves you all at ease with its charismatic and multicultural soul.

                                                                              Things to do:

                                                                              39. Hiroshima, Japan


                                                                                Despite its name evoking the memory of 6 August, 1945, Hiroshima has a lot more to offer like the Peace Memorial Park. But Hiroshima with its wide boulevards and laid-back vibes is anything but depressing. Take a couple of nights to check out its thriving community.

                                                                                Things to do:

                                                                                40. Cusco, Peru


                                                                                  Visit this cosmopolitan Inca capital with its cathedrals, temples, cobblestone streets, and most importantly the awesome llamas and alpacas. This city of the Inca Empire is the archaeological destination of the Americas, as well as the continent’s oldest inhabited city.

                                                                                  Things to do:

                                                                                  41. Glasgow, Scotland


                                                                                    Glasgow is edgy, Victorian and swamped with the best bars to tickle your taste buds. The hedonistic culture will encourage your nocturnal side and get you head banging along to the live music scene. The city is in the midst of a transformational era, and you want to be there for it.

                                                                                    Things to do:

                                                                                    42. Nadi, Fiji


                                                                                      This tropical paradise is very popular amongst travelers looking for a holiday of beautiful beaches and gorgeous ancient cultural sites around Sigatoka. Nadi is building its identity while incorporating elements of a city, a business hub and a tourist junction, and even if it never makes up its mind, you should still give it a visit!

                                                                                      Things to do: 

                                                                                      43. Oslo, Norway


                                                                                        This Norwegian capital has been here for a thousand years, how have you not gone there yet? It’s a visual delight when it comes to the variety of museums it offers, from Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream,’ to the unforgettable Viking Ship. There’s a rapidly growing café, restaurant, nightlife and opera, jazz and indie rock culture, so Oslo appeals to all the tastes out there!

                                                                                        Things to do:

                                                                                        44. Panama City, Panama


                                                                                          Home to the natural riches of Panama, with a thriving international banking and trade sector along with a sultry skyline of glistening towers, that is Panama City. The city has architectural, cultural and ethnic diversity, which means there is something for everyone. So with a little touch of salsa beats and adventurous activities from hiking through the rain forests or taking a train along the jungle, you’ve got yourself the ultimate Panamanian experience.

                                                                                          Things to do:

                                                                                          45. Havana, Cuba


                                                                                            The Caribbean’s largest city with its romantic vibes and contagious energy, 500 years of an exciting history has led to making Havana (or Habana) a culturally unique society. You’ve got mambo, salsa, Che Guevara, rum and the unconventional beauty it’s known for. Its appeal lies in the abstract.

                                                                                            Things to do:

                                                                                            46. Bruges, Belgium


                                                                                              A picturesque, fairy-tale, medieval town with dreamy, soaring towers and exceptionally photogenic canals, historic churches and whitewashed almshouses. The tourists never leave, but if you can visit midweek or in the gorgeous spring, you should have a little of its flair to yourself.

                                                                                              Things to do:

                                                                                              47. San José, Costa Rica


                                                                                                San José is often seen as a collection of outdated commercial buildings, but beyond this extremely superficial and uninformed analysis this is is a cosmopolitan city filled with department stores of all sorts, chic cafés, and fast-food restaurants making it the nation’s cultural hub.

                                                                                                48. Ljubljana, Slovenia


                                                                                                  Ljubljana is a delicious cocktail of German, Mediterranean and Slovene influence seasoned with the old town’s Baroque, Art Nouveau and Renaissance buildings. The biggest perk has got to be everything is such a short distance away, just go for a walk or take a bike! The ‘beloved’ city is also a student community, which means the alt-lifestyle gives it a different vibe.

                                                                                                  Things to do:


                                                                                                  49. Copenhagen, Denmark


                                                                                                    What was once a Viking fishing settlement has transformed into the “coolest, most cosmopolitan and most exciting” city in Scandinavia, while holding on to the traces of Norse explorers that keep its culture and history truly rich. Like all the best places, it has a blend of modern and historic, making it not just a great tourist destination but also one of the world’s most livable cities.

                                                                                                    Things to do:

                                                                                                    50. Rome, Italy


                                                                                                      Ravishing, radiant and remarkable, that’s Rome. The city will continue to amaze you every time you see the Colosseum or a breathtaking baroque church. It embraces its historic legacies, fine art and absolutely delicious food. Rome is intriguing and will have you experiencing excitement with all your senses.

                                                                                                      Things to do:

                                                                                                      51. Singapore, Singapore


                                                                                                        One of the most enjoyable, seemingly science fiction comic inspired cities in Southeast Asia from beginning to end. You begin at one of the world’s best airports and take a zippy MRT train line without a single care given for the traffic. Whether you’re up for a stroll through fashion emporiums and antique shops, or you’re more interested in the city parks or the city’s clubs, Singapore has got it all. The city is colorful, soulful and has a thriving creative environment!

                                                                                                        Things to do:

                                                                                                        52. Lisbon, Portugal


                                                                                                          Indulge in fresh pastries, window shopping, espressos and the warmly lit 1930s-era cafés, or take a walk along the seaside. At Bairro Alto you’ve got many restaurants with jazz and reggae vibes filling the air and nightclubs scattered all over the town. Lisbon’s Gothic cathedrals, monasteries and museums all accentuate this lovely city.

                                                                                                          Things to do:

                                                                                                          53. Split, Croatia


                                                                                                            Within the atmospheric walls where Split came to life, you’ve got a balance of tradition and modernity with many many bars, restaurants and shops. Its coastal mountains are the perfect backdrop to the Adriatic, where you can chill and appreciate the cityscape. While people used to cross Split to get where they wanted to go, the city has renovated itself to become exactly where people want to be.

                                                                                                            Things to do:

                                                                                                            54. New Orleans, USA

                                                                                                              Vibrant, old-school and filled with precious architecture. After Hurricane Katrina broke the levee, New Orleans has managed to rebuild itself with echoing sweet jazz and blues beats, spontaneous dancing and mouthwatering aromas from unexpected corners. It’s a great city for late afternoon walks, meant for the ones willing to admire its subtle charm.

                                                                                                              Things to do:

                                                                                                              55. Cairo, Egypt


                                                                                                                This constantly pulsating and hypnotizing metropolis will surprise you with the chaos at your arrival, but soon you’ll get drawn way too deep. As long as you’re not looking for solitude, the City of the Thousand Minarets is the perfect place to explore and experience Egyptian history and culture.

                                                                                                                Things to do:

                                                                                                                56. Sydney, Australia


                                                                                                                  Sydney is attractive at any time of day, so keep your eyes wide open! It’s famous for its National Parks and its super eventful evenings of undercover bar hunting, sporting events to support, underground bands to check out or a super crazy party to crash. The city’s glamorous but oh-so-casual at the same time making it such a relaxed but vibrant environment. Everybody loves to tan at the beautiful golden beaches, enjoy the exciting food scene and explore the very subtle touches of history.

                                                                                                                  Things to do:

                                                                                                                  57. Seoul, South Korea


                                                                                                                    Seoul is a very interesting mix of everything from night markets to the infamous K-Pop, but of course it goes beyond what we all vaguely know about it. The city is filled with temples, skyscrapers and majestic palaces everywhere in addition to the 21st century urban edge in design and culture. Ten and a half million people reside in this metropolis and it almost never goes to sleep because the day is for a lovely morning visit to a temple followed by a visit to a teahouse, and the night is for the night markets and the Hongdae or Itaewon party life!

                                                                                                                    Things to do:

                                                                                                                    58. Milan, Italy


                                                                                                                      The world’s top fashion capital means glamor, grace and Gucci. Milan is a well-dressed and chic engine room for the country’s economy. Filled with true treasures like da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” showing just how much Milan’s creative ‘streak’ has an impact. Everyone has been here on the runways from Prada to Versace to Dolce & Gabbana, so why not get dressed up and come along?

                                                                                                                      Things to do:

                                                                                                                      59. Chicago, USA


                                                                                                                        The Windy City will blow you away, trust me. There’s always something going on here, from high-flying architecture to peanut butter and banana topped waffles for breakfast, could things get any better? Chicago is great festivals and Lollapalooza is a must-see because when everybody’s head banging to the beat, you really don’t want to miss out on the fun. Art museums come in all genres: impressionist, psychedelic or outsider? Take your pick! Chicago will surely keep you busy and entertained.

                                                                                                                        Things to do:

                                                                                                                        60. Prague, Czech Republic


                                                                                                                          Super bohemian and fairytale-like for the travelers who want to immerse themselves wholly into another culture. Prague is a European hotspot with art galleries ranging from Gothic pieces to collections of 20th-century surrealists, constructivists and cubists. The city is also quite famous for making some of the world’s best brews so grab a pint and head on an urban exploration of the alluring and rather quirky Prague.

                                                                                                                          Things to do:

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                                                                                                                          How to Get out of a Rut: 12 Useful Ways to Get Unstuck

                                                                                                                          How to Get out of a Rut: 12 Useful Ways to Get Unstuck

                                                                                                                          Have you gotten into a rut before? Or are you in a rut right now?

                                                                                                                          You know you’re in a rut when you run out of ideas and inspiration. I personally see a rut as a productivity vacuum. It might very well be a reason why you aren’t getting results. Even as you spend more time on your work, you can’t seem to get anything constructive done. While I’m normally productive, I get into occasional ruts (especially when I’ve been working back-to-back without rest). During those times, I can spend an entire day in front of the computer and get nothing done. It can be quite frustrating.

                                                                                                                          Over time, I have tried and found several methods that are helpful to pull me out of a rut. If you experience ruts too, whether as a working professional, a writer, a blogger, a student or other work, you will find these useful. Here are 12 of my personal tips to get out of ruts:

                                                                                                                          1. Work on the small tasks.

                                                                                                                          When you are in a rut, tackle it by starting small. Clear away your smaller tasks which have been piling up. Reply to your emails, organize your documents, declutter your work space, and reply to private messages.

                                                                                                                          Whenever I finish doing that, I generate a positive momentum which I bring forward to my work.

                                                                                                                          2. Take a break from your work desk.

                                                                                                                          Get yourself away from your desk and go take a walk. Go to the washroom, walk around the office, go out and get a snack.

                                                                                                                          Your mind is too bogged down and needs some airing. Sometimes I get new ideas right after I walk away from my computer.


                                                                                                                          3. Upgrade yourself

                                                                                                                          Take the down time to upgrade yourself. Go to a seminar. Read up on new materials (#7). Pick up a new language. Or any of the 42 ways here to improve yourself.

                                                                                                                          The modern computer uses different typefaces because Steve Jobs dropped in on a calligraphy class back in college. How’s that for inspiration?

                                                                                                                          4. Talk to a friend.

                                                                                                                          Talk to someone and get your mind off work for a while.

                                                                                                                          Talk about anything, from casual chatting to a deep conversation about something you really care about. You will be surprised at how the short encounter can be rejuvenating in its own way.

                                                                                                                          5. Forget about trying to be perfect.

                                                                                                                          If you are in a rut, the last thing you want to do is step on your own toes with perfectionist tendencies.

                                                                                                                          Just start small. Do what you can, at your own pace. Let yourself make mistakes.

                                                                                                                          Soon, a little trickle of inspiration will come. And then it’ll build up with more trickles. Before you know it, you have a whole stream of ideas.


                                                                                                                          6. Paint a vision to work towards.

                                                                                                                          If you are continuously getting in a rut with your work, maybe there’s no vision inspiring you to move forward.

                                                                                                                          Think about why you are doing this, and what you are doing it for. What is the end vision in mind?

                                                                                                                          Make it as vivid as possible. Make sure it’s a vision that inspires you and use that to trigger you to action.

                                                                                                                          7. Read a book (or blog).

                                                                                                                          The things we read are like food to our brain. If you are out of ideas, it’s time to feed your brain with great materials.

                                                                                                                          Here’s a list of 40 books you can start off with. Stock your browser with only the feeds of high quality blogs, such as, DumbLittleMan, Seth Godin’s Blog, Tim Ferris’ Blog, Zen Habits or The Personal Excellence Blog.

                                                                                                                          Check out the best selling books; those are generally packed with great wisdom.

                                                                                                                          8. Have a quick nap.

                                                                                                                          If you are at home, take a quick nap for about 20-30 minutes. This clears up your mind and gives you a quick boost. Nothing quite like starting off on a fresh start after catching up on sleep.


                                                                                                                          9. Remember why you are doing this.

                                                                                                                          Sometimes we lose sight of why we do what we do, and after a while we become jaded. A quick refresher on why you even started on this project will help.

                                                                                                                          What were you thinking when you thought of doing this? Retrace your thoughts back to that moment. Recall why you are doing this. Then reconnect with your muse.

                                                                                                                          10. Find some competition.

                                                                                                                          Nothing quite like healthy competition to spur us forward. If you are out of ideas, then check up on what people are doing in your space.

                                                                                                                          Colleagues at work, competitors in the industry, competitors’ products and websites, networking conventions.. you get the drill.

                                                                                                                          11. Go exercise.

                                                                                                                          Since you are not making headway at work, might as well spend the time shaping yourself up.

                                                                                                                          Sometimes we work so much that we neglect our health and fitness. Go jog, swim, cycle, whichever exercise you prefer.

                                                                                                                          As you improve your physical health, your mental health will improve, too. The different facets of ourselves are all interlinked.


                                                                                                                          Here’re 15 Tips to Restart the Exercise Habit (and How to Keep It).

                                                                                                                          12. Take a good break.

                                                                                                                          Ruts are usually signs that you have been working too long and too hard. It’s time to get a break.

                                                                                                                          Beyond the quick tips above, arrange for a 1-day or 2-days of break from your work. Don’t check your (work) emails or do anything work-related. Relax and do your favorite activities. You will return to your work recharged and ready to start.

                                                                                                                          Contrary to popular belief, the world will not end from taking a break from your work. In fact, you will be much more ready to make an impact after proper rest. My best ideas and inspiration always hit me whenever I’m away from my work.

                                                                                                                          Take a look at this to learn the importance of rest: The Importance of Scheduling Downtime

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