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The Ultimate Lounging Solution for Back and Neck Pains

It’s as common as websites, this malady we refer to as back and neck pains. If you are a freelancer like me, you tap away on your laptop most of your working time making you susceptible to back aches and neck pains.

Here’s a solution that will alleviate your pain problems. Dr. Robert Swezey, M.D., wants to help people who suffer from these issues so he designed a lounging solution to provide optimum relief and comfort.

Whether you want to sit upright or laze on a couch, BedLounge will bear your spine, shoulders and head from your lower back to your upper back and finally your neck. You can adjust the armrests to go in or out. Headrest can extend to 12” and you have the option to rotate it 90-degrees to carry your head and neck. This allows your head freedom to move around. Made of aircraft foam, it’s sturdy and it comes with a lifetime warranty. Transport is not an issue either since it’s lightweight. Additional features are — armrests can be folded up, the headrest can be extracted so you can store the whole package in a closet after each use. I discovered this product at The Gadget Flow.


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