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The TSA's Instagram Account is Unintentionally Awesome

The U.S.’s tightened airport security regulations have been in place for over a decade, and it’s safe to say we’ve (grudgingly) gotten used to them. You can barely get away with bringing tweezers through security checkpoints these days, so nobody even tries to bring obviously dangerous items on a plane anymore… right? Not according to the TSA’s official Instagram feed.

Amazingly, people are still bringing (whether intentionally or not) very much prohibited items through airport security checkpoints. Some of these obvious no-no’s include:




A surprising amount of Japanese weaponry


Also, Batman’s throwing stars.

The captions of TSA’s Instagram photos are pretty dry and are mostly full of reminders that the exhibited items are prohibited in your carry-on and sometimes checked luggage, and sometimes provide the date the item was found or the total number of similar items found during that week. No info on whether any of these photos are the result of a swift and heroic capture of a would-be criminal, or just a bunch of extremely forgetful and clueless citizens. My bet’s on the latter.

Oh, and if pictures of lipstick tasers and samurai swords aren’t your thing, the account also posts pictures of the many super cute dogs employed by airports around the country, like this explosive little detective:

You can get more pictures at the TSA’s blog or other info on the TSA website.

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