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The Nutritional Value of French Fries

These days, even those of us who eat healthy most of the time still end up eating at a fast food restaurant here and there. And nothing goes with a burger quite like French fries. Unfortunately, French fries are one of the least healthy foods out there. Even cheeseburgers give you some vitamins, calcium, iron and protein for all the fat you’re taking in.

A medium order of French fries, on the other hand, provides you with almost 400 calories that are made almost exclusively from carbs and fats -26% of your daily fat intake, in fact. While it’s not mentioned here, French fries also provide 12% of your daily sodium intake and practically no vitamins or nutrients.

While French fries might be delicious and are acceptable as an occasional treat, a quick look at this infographic can help remind you that apple slices, a salad or just about any other side make for much healthier sides with your burger.

french fries


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