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The Good News About Cancer: Simple Prevention And Health Tips That Can Change Your Life

Written by Michael Cheng
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    The only way to beat cancer 100% of the time is by not getting it in the first place.

    Therefore, it makes sense to heavily invest your time, money and effort in prevention, and let scientists handle the cure. Statistics surrounding cancer has been heavily misunderstood in the past few decades.

    The truth is, cancer is preventable. You just have to change your lifestyle.

    The top two causes of cancer are drinking and an unhealthy diet. Preventing cancer can be as simple as cutting down on alcohol and clubbing. Your wallet will thank you later. As for your unhealthy diet, it’s time to curb your fast food cravings with exercise and sleep.

    Contrary to popular belief, the chances of catching cancer from past generations are very minimal. People only use that as an excuse over other reasons because it is convenient. Don’t be one of those people.


    The Good News About Cancer [Infographic] | Daily Infographic

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