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The Combined Odds Of Your Existence Are Less Than 1 In 40,000,000


The miracle of life is nothing short of amazing.

Each person had to beat impossible odds to get to where they are today. In particular, it took a total of 1:40,000,000 for you to be conceived. That means that there was no room for error from the time your parents met to your birth.

Even before you were born, the odds were already working in your favor.

The infographic above is a great reminder that we are all destined for success. If you feel that you’ve never accomplished anything, think again. Just the fact that you’re alive is huge accomplishment.

The more interesting aspect is that you’re part of boosting someone’s odds for success, apart from your own. By introducing strangers to each other, helping a friend complete a task for school or pitching in for a project with a workmate, you are instantly increasing the value of other people’s existence.

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