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The Best Temperature For Your Home

Do you know the optimal temperature for common items in your home? If not, you could be adding unwanted wear and tear to your AC unit, while also increasing your monthly electric bills. This infographic shows the ideal temperatures for common household items, family members and task performances. If you’re looking to make your home more cost effective, this is a great guide.

You’ll also see some common heat producers in your home that can create unwanted heat and push your AC unit to the limit, thus increasing your electric bill. Knowing what these items are and shutting them off when not in use can help to lower your electricity bills.

The Best Temperature For Your Home Infographic

One great tip the infographic suggests is to lower your thermostat by 10 degrees when not at home or while sleeping. Doing this for 16 hours a day will help to save 14% on your heating bill during the winter. What other tips do you have for saving money one your electric bill?

The Best Temperature For Your Home [Infographic] | AC Advice

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