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Tanning Clears Up Your Skin and Other Acne Myths Debunked

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Tanning Clears Up Your Skin and Other Acne Myths Debunked

When it comes to acne, everyone has their own theories; some theories are right while others are wrong. Since you can’t believe everything you hear though, it’s important to know the facts for yourself. The acne myths debunked in this infographic are sure to teach you a thing or two.

One of the biggest acne myths is that you must wash your face often in order to prevent breakouts. As you can see below, hygiene has nothing to do with the development of acne. As a matter of fact, over washing your face can actually make your acne worse.

Another myth people often believe is that popping pimples will make them go away faster. While your face may look better on the surface after popping, you’re wreaking havoc underneath because popping actually pushes the bacteria deeper into your skin. Within a few days you’ll probably break out even worse in that same spot. Plus, popping zits also leads to scarring, dents and pits, which often last forever.

Read on to see other acne myths debunked.

Debunking Myths About Acne - Infographic

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    Debunking Myths About Acne | Clearogen

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