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A Survival Guide For Animal Encounters

Imagine taking a hike through a local nature trail and running in to a rattle snake, or spying a bear beside your campground when you’re in Yosemite. Would you know what to do if you stumbled upon animal encounters with some of the most deadly predators around?

Hella Wella is here to help you learn how to avoid, escape and prevent dangerous animal encounters with their delightful Freeze or flee: A survival guide for dangerous animal encounters. While the site could very easily have released the series as a picture book, they were nice enough to make it into a number of seperate infographics so you can read them for free.

If you do forget what you learned in the guide, just remember the golden rule, most animals are more scared of you than you are of them, so the worst thing you can do (in most animal encounters at least) is panic and run.

animal attack

animal attack 2

animal attack 3

animal encounter


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