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Super Food Alternatives That Can Fuel Your Day Better Than Coffee

Written by Michael Cheng
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    Are you always reaching for a cup of coffee in the morning?

    After the fourth or fifth cup, you may find that you need something else to help keep you awake. This is because caffeine tolerance kicks in and your body isn’t reacting the way it did when you had your first cup.

    Instead of fueling your body with more coffee, try some of the super foods mentioned in the infographic above. Chances are you’re not getting enough super foods in your daily diet!

    A little dark chocolate or a handful of nuts can go a long way in keeping you alert and healthy. You may also find that these foods provide natural energy instead of the jittery kind that is commonly associated with coffee.

    How many cups of coffee do you drink everyday? Share your thoughts with us.

    Foods To Fuel Your Brain (Food Infographics) | Design Infographics

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