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Stop Produce From Spoiling With Proper Storage

As infomercials are always so quick to point out, when you throw away food, you’re also throwing away money. But when you want to stop produce from spoiling, don’t start ordering all the new, expensive storage products they sell on TV. Instead, just stop produce from spoiling with this incredibly useful list by My Thirty Spot that features proper storage techniques for just about every fruit and vegetable you’ll ever come in contact with.

A few gems from the article include pulling bananas apart so they stop ripening, not washing grapes until you eat them to keep the skins tight and removing radish and turnip greens so they don’t pull moisture from the bulbs.

The list is pretty extensive, so you’ll definitely want to view the link to see all of the best ways to stop produce from spoiling and remember to take advantage of their formatted, printable version of the list so you can print out a copy and stick it on your fridge.


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