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Stop Pests With These Organic Pest Control Methods

Growing your own garden can be a rewarding hobby, but no matter how carefully you tend to your plants, you will encounter pests that just want to eat all of your hard work. While you can go grab a bottle of commercial pest control spray, many people don’t want to put those chemicals into the ground or spray them on foods they are going to eat later.

Fortunately, Slightly Steady has a pretty useful list of the most common garden pests along with great organic pest control methods to keep your garden clear of bugs, critters and poisons. While she has specific methods for slugs, powdery mildew, ants, rabbits, deer, mice and birds, perhaps the most useful, and most interesting suggestion is her organic pest control for other bugs. Essentially, she collects all of her garlic and onion waste, adds water to it and then leaves the concoction in the sun until it smells terrible. Once she sprays that on her plants, bugs want nothing to do with them.

Original Source – Slightlysteady


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