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Solutions for 10 MORE Annoying Modern Day Problems


A few months ago, I wrote about Solutions for 7 Annoying Modern Day Problems. With modern life comes convenience, but also new problems. Here are 10 more solutions for 10 more annoying problems.

1. Need a Reliable Contractor?

  • Head on over to Angie’s List where their tagline says it all: “Home service contractors reviewed and rated by real homeowners like you!”

2. Trouble Keeping Track of Passwords?

Check out these two informative and useful articles.

3. Need to Write a Business Plan but Have No Money for Business Planning Software?

Go to the U.S. Small Business Adminstration’s website for tons of free business planning resources:

4. Backing Up Your Computer.

Do you use some mish-mash system of flash drives, CD’s, and DVD’s? Or worse yet, do you not back up your computer at all?

Basically the advice is to have 2 backups, one on site and one offsite. Here are 3 back up solutions:

5. Got a Great Idea, but No Pen to Write It Down?

  • Just call Jott. This is a free voice memo service that will convert your voice message to a text email message. Never

6. Need Stuff Cheap or Free?

I guess this isn’t a modern problem, but the solution is.

  • Cheap Stuff: Craigslist: Buy and Sell anything. Find cars, housing, jobs, rideshare, contractors, childcare, even a date
  • Free Stuff: Freecycle. This is a Yahoo! group that has local chapters all over the country. As a member you can donate and request stuff for free!

7. Need to Be Saved from a Bad Date or Meeting?

  • can do this and more. How would you like to receive a call that tells you how great you are? Wow, what a concept. You need to schedule the calls ahead of time, but at the price it’s worth a try!

8. Sick of Paying for 411 Calls?

  • Try sending a text message to Google instead. Just send to 46645 (GOOGL). Example: “Joe’s Pizza 90210” “The Palms Las Vegas”
  • For business listings: Call Google for free: 1-800-466-4411 (800-GOOG-411)
  • For residential listings: 1800-FREE-411 (800-3733-411) You will need to listen to an advertisement first, but the call is free.

9. Always Forgetting Things? (Anniversary, birthdays, dentist appointment)

Set reminders for yourself even if you don’t carry an electronic organizer.

  • Google Calendar. Go to “Settings” then “Mobile Setup.” Enter your phone number. Then enter important reminders into GCal via your computer or even your phone if you have web access. You’ll receive a text message reminder.
  • – free reminder service that will send you an email reminder. (phone reminders cost extra)
  • – free text message reminders.

10. Need to Shed Some Books? Need Some New Ones Cheap?

The following sites act as an auction for free swaps. All you pay is the shipping.

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