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A Simple Guide To Symptoms And Tea Pairing

Written by Michael Cheng
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    Did you know that tea has several notable healing elements? It’s just a matter of choosing the right one.
    Many people treat tea like coffee. But in reality, tea has a very deep and complex character that must be considered.
    If you’re unsure about what tea can do for your health, checkout this infographic. To start with, most teas have powerful antioxidant properties that can instantly make you feel better. Apart from the typical types of tea that can help keep you alert, one specific type can help keep you calm.
    Chamomile tea is a drink composed of flowers. It is usually drank before going to sleep, as it can help with insomnia and anxiety. It also aids in digestion, for individuals who need to regulate their eating habits.
    Which type of tea is your favorite and why? Let us know what you think.
    Herbal Tea Health Benefits | Visual.ly
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