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Should You Google That Person?



There are a few varying opinions on googling somebody, most of which revolve around being a ‘creep’ or ‘stalker’. To be fair, it is a little bit invasive but hey, why not google somebody if they willingly put their information online? Well, there are a few scenarios where you maybe shouldn’t google somebody. For example, if they’re stood right next to you, you’re looking for an address so you can stand outside they’re house or you’re not employed by the NSA: that’s creepy. If you already know them well, then call them!

That said, many will google anyway. It may be innocent! Are you looking for information that doesn’t involve knowing where to send a lock of your hair or won’t inevitably make you feel bad about yourself? Are they famous? Is it for work? These are all pretty standard googling motivations, that’s okay go ahead!

Should I Google This Person? | Wendy Macnaughton

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