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Quick Tip: Sleep Cool In Hot Weather

Quick Tip: Sleep Cool In Hot Weather

Being in Australia right now we’re not so much trying to keep cool as opposed to fighting back the cold; but all of you in the northern hemisphere will appreciate this little sleeping hack.

Getting to sleep in outrageous heat is difficult and I’m already planning strategies for this summer. Particularly since we have pretty much no cooling system. This hack was passed on by a friend who swears by it for long summer nights.

  • 1. Lay a towel at the base of your bed where your feet sit.
  • 2. Get a bucket of cold water and soak your feet while your socks are on.
  • 3. Turn a fan on at the end of your bed, blowing air past your cooled feet and up your body.
  • Not only are your feet cool and comfortable, but the air passing them from the fan is cooled! Cheap and efficient. Try it out and let me know if it works.

    Thanks Viv.

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