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Playgreen: Green living wiki


Playgreen is a recently launched wiki that allows users to contribute ideas about how to live environmentally conscious lives. If you’re looking for ways to live greener (or if you’re an expert in the green lifestyle) give Playgreen a read.

We’ are smarter than ‘me’. The central premise of this assumption is that large groups of people (‘We’) can, and should, make a fantastic resource site to foster responsible consumption habits in our daily life, economy, industries.

Green architects have a lot to say about current households, the used materials, the sustainability of the building process. In return for much greater reach and impact, they are giving up the self-promotion attitude, and lecture people on green buildings.

Consumers are increasingly turning to Internet discussion groups to learn more about biological agriculture, traditional foods, and as a result are participating with producers more actively (in some cases much more actively) in decisions regarding their consumption.

Green living wiki [Playgreen]

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