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Play Google AutoComplete Like a Game Of Family Feud

Written by Robert Conrad
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Got a case of the weekday blues? Rabid fan of the game show Family Feud? Look no further than Google Feud! Combining Google’s AutoComplete function with the quirkiness of Family Feud, Google Feud is a good way to kill a few minutes and laugh at the dismal abyss that humanity is steadily hurtling towards.

Have you ever found yourself chuckling at some of the kooky options that Google AutoComplete seems to throw up when you type in a phrase as innocuous as “where can I sell”? You’d think that the average human being would put in answer such as “car”, “boat” or “computer”, right?


    Wow! “Testicle” is the 2nd most common answer!

    And that is the resulting hilarity of Google Feud. With only three attempts to guess the correct answers before you’re out, this game is surprisingly difficult and fun. What you think would be a relevant answer turns out to be nowhere near how the “hive mind” thinks, and that’s the best part!

    Let’s try another!

    GoogleFeud Screenshot1

      Given the flak that the NRA gets from vocal pacifists, answers provided included “evil”, “tyrannical”, and “murderous”, all of which bombed out. What were the top answers?


        The new KKK?! Really?!

        Google Feud’s developer, Justin Hook, did mention that some of the answers may be offensive and/or incomprehensible, but hey, it’s all in fun, right? A big part of Google Feud’s difficulty is in its hyper specificity, in that if you happen to type in “plane” when the top answer is “airplane”, it still counts as a strike. There is no gray area to speak of, but it doesn’t stop the laughs from rolling in!

        So if you’re worn out from work, escape now and give Google Feud a try!

        Featured photo credit: YOU CAN NOW PLAY ‘FAMILY FEUD’ AGAINSTGOOGLE’S AUTOCOMPLETE via supercompressor.com

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