The Periodic Table of Periods

The Periodic Table of Periods


    Do you ever sit and think to yourself “we don’t talk about periods enough”? Well, even if you’ve so far managed to so far avoid the topic like the plague; they’re happening. Mensies are unavoidable. That’s why I Heart Guts have created this table, to share the wonders and complexities of periods!


      Featuring Slang (“Shark Week” has to be my favourite), Menorrheas, Food, Moods, Tools and many more columns, this periodic table to periods ensures you know almost everything you need to know about The Red Tide. Also, if you were looking for some adorable pictures of tampons and wombs then this has more than enough.


        The table also includes series on anatomy, PMS and birth control, so if you’re comfortable with the idea perhaps this is a good graphic to help teach your kids about sexual and reproductive responsibility. Hey, if you’re going to do it at some point anyway, why not with a graphic that has smiling, happy mucus on it. Lastly, to any ladies who are currently riding the cotton pony, I send you a mental fist bump.

        Periodic Table Of Periods | I Heart Guts

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