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One Inspirational Woman's Struggle To Love Her Body Could Change The World

“How am I going to teach my beautiful little daughter to love her body, if her mum can’t do the same?”

This is the question that changed former body builder Taryn Brumfitt’s perception of her post-pregnancy body. After giving birth to her daughter Taryn’s body changed significantly and caused her self-esteem to fall so significantly that she even considered having cosmetic and plastic surgery.

However after sharing a “before and after” picture that challenged societies’ concept of a desirable and beautiful woman’s body on Facebook, she got thousands of responses from women all around the world supporting and thanking her for her bravery. This inspired Taryn to create a Kickstarter campaign that will found a full length documentary on why women have such a massive amount of difficulty embracing their bodies positively.

The documentary begins with a simple request: “describe your body to me in a single word”, and after hearing the genuinely saddening responses it could not be more important to create a film that will inspire women:

You can pledge money towards the campaign here.

Embrace – The Documentary That Will Create Global Change | Kickstarter

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