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Not All Carbs Are Bad: How Can You Tell The Difference?

Written by Michael Cheng
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    Carbohydrates have a reputation for ruining weight loss plans.

    The truth is, not all carbs are bad. Completely cutting out carbohydrates from your meals can result in restlessness, metabolic crash and depression.

    Complex carbohydrates are the kind that’s good for you, while simple carbs are out to expand your hips and make you sleepy after lunch. Unfortunately, most foods have disguised simple carbs into looking healthy by mixing them with food coloring or deep sauces.

    How can you tell the difference?

    This infographic can teach you how to plan your meals around healthy carbohydrates. You’ll never have to starve yourself again just to make weight. Now you can eat full meals without feeling guilty.

    The best part is you’ll feel more energized, making your day and workouts extremely productive.

    For more information on the different types of carbohydrates, you may view the infographic.

    Good Carbs vs. Bad Carbs #Infographic | Best Infographics

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