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A Man's Guide On How to Tie A Scarf This Winter

Everyone can drape scarf around the back of their neck, but actually learning to tie a scarf with style is something a lot of people need practice with. In fact, beside hanging a scarf around your neck you might look silly with a particular style when you tie your scarf.

While this infographic can guide you on 10 ways to tie a scarf (come on guys, draping doesn’t count), you should practice at home in front of the mirror so you know what looks good on you before you head out on the street. And, of course, some of these methods to tie a scarf are way more complex than others, so it’s also good to learn how to do it ahead of time so you aren’t fumbling around when you want to look cool.

11 Ways-To-Tie-A-Scarf_Poster_F1

11 Ways to Tie a Scarf Infographic | Real Men Real Style


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