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Make Your Own Fresh Home Fragrances

Air fresheners are great, but they still tend to smell a bit artificial, which is why it is so much better to make your own home fragrances. Better still, homemade fragrances don’t contain dangerous chemicals that can irritate those with asthma or similar conditions. Also, in most cases, the ingredients will cost you less than the price of commercial air fresheners and you can also customize the mixtures so you can make all kinds of different scent combinations. And did I mention they look beautiful?

home fragrances

So how do you start making your own home fragrances? The Yummy Life has all the instructions you need to get going, but first you’ll need mason jars and some basic scent starters like citrus fruits, natural extracts, spices, herbs and fresh pine needles. The scents can be made ahead of time and stored in the freezer or refrigerator and then heated in a crock pot, pan or fondue pot when you’re ready to use them.


The writer points out that they can makes great gifts or centerpieces as well.

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