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Lose Weight With These Zero Calorie Foods

People sometimes talk about negative calorie foods, but because a calorie is a measurement of energy, there is no such thing as negative calories. That being said, there are some zero calorie and low calorie foods that do require more energy for your body to digest than they provide you with.

These foods are excellent diet foods because they help you feel full and gain nutrients, without any risk of weight gain. It’s also worth noting that while some people claim that you shouldn’t eat fruits while dieting because they contain too many sugars, most fruits are actually fairly low in calfories. In fact, garlic has way mor calories than watermelon, papaya, apples and many other sweet snacks.

While not all of the foods on this infographic are zero calorie foods, they are all good for you and you should remember that it’s also just as unhealthy to intake too few calories as it is to take in too many.

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