Life’s Greatest Questions Answered By Cheeky Illustrations!

Life’s Greatest Questions Answered By Cheeky Illustrations!


    The Unzipped Truth is an extremely funny and creative project by self-proclaimed ‘cultural matador’ Marta Ibarrondo. Her illustrations seek to answer some of life’s greatest questions, and does so with cheeky drawings and witty thoughts.

    Marta says: ‘The Unzipped Truth looks at the world through kids eyes. But answers it with the big mouth of an outspoken city girl whose opinions occasionally get her into trouble.’  How can any of us argue with that? Take a look at a few of her drawings here, or visit The Unzipped Truth to see the whole thing! 

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                The Unzipped Truth | Marta Ibarrondo

                Featured photo credit: The Unzipped Truth via

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                Last Updated on March 24, 2021

                8 Smart Home Gadgets You Need in Your House

                8 Smart Home Gadgets You Need in Your House

                We’ve all done it. We’ve gone out and bought useless gadgets that we don’t really need, just because they seemed really cool at the time. Then, we are stuck with a bunch of junk, and end up tossing it or trying to sell it on Ebay.

                On the other hand, there are some pretty awesome tech inventions that are actually useful. For instance, many of the latest home gadgets do some of your work for you, from adjusting the home thermostat to locking your front door. And, if used as designed, these tools should really help to make your life a lot easier—and that’s not just a claim from some infomercial trying to sell you yet another useless gadget.


                Take a look at some of the most popular “smart gadgets” on the market:

                1. Smart Door Locks

                A smart lock lets you lock and unlock your doors by using your smartphone, a special key fob, or biometrics. These locks are keyless, and much more difficult for intruders to break into, making your home a lot safer. You can even use a special app to let people into your home if you are not there to greet them.


                2. Smart Kitchen Tools

                Wouldn’t you just love to have a pot of coffee waiting for you when you get home from work? What about a “smart pan” that tells you exactly when you need to flip that omelet? From meat thermometers to kitchen scales, you’ll find a variety of “smart” gadgets designed to make culinary geeks salivate.

                3. Mini Home Speaker Play:1

                If you love big sound, but hate how much space big speakers take up, and if you want a stereo system that is no bigger than your fist, check out the Play:1 mini speaker. All you have to do is plug it in, connect, and then you can stream without worrying about any interruptions or interface. You can even add onto it, and have different music playing in different rooms.


                4. Wi-Fi Security Cameras

                These are the latest in home security, and they connect to the Wi-Fi in your home. You can use your mobile devices to monitor what is going on in your home at all times, no matter where you are. Options include motion sensors, two-way audio, and different recording options.

                5. Nest Thermostat

                This is a thermostat that lives with you. It can sense seasonal changes, temperature changes, etc., and it will adjust itself automatically. You will never have to fiddle with a thermostat dial or keypad again, because this one basically does all of the work for you. It can also help you to save as much as 12% on heating bills, and 15% on cooling bills.


                6. Smart Lighting

                Control your home lighting from your remote device. This is great if you are out and want to make sure that there are some lights on. It is designed to be energy efficient, so it will pay for itself over time because you won’t have to spend so much on your monthly energy bills.

                7. Google Chromecast Ultra

                Whether you love movies, television shows, music, etc., you can stream it all using Google Chromecast Ultra. Stream all of the entertainment you love in up to 4K UHD and HDR, for just $69 monthly.

                8. Canary

                This home security system will automatically contact emergency services when they are needed. This system offers both video and audio surveillance, so there will be evidence if there are any break-ins on your property. You can also use it to check up on what’s happening at home when you are not there, including to make sure the kids are doing their homework.

                Featured photo credit: Karolina via

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