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Let Girls Learn Helps Young Women All Over the World Earn an Education

Many people take their education for granted, as they have never had to be without it. What would you do, though, if suddenly you were unable to go to school? If your education was ripped from your reach because of something that is completely out of your control? This is happening to girls all over the world, simply because they are female and the powers that be do not believe they deserve to be educated. Many of you probably recall the story of Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani girl who gained attention when she was shot by a member of the Taliban on her way to school, but would not stop going to school to receive the education that she knows she deserves. A similar act happened this year, when more than 250 Nigerian schoolgirls were kidnapped, inspiring the Bring Back Our Girls campaign.

Let Girls Learn wants to stop these acts of violence and other attempts to interfere with the education of young women worldwide. Run by USAID, the organization works with other charitable groups to make sure that girls everywhere are able to learn the way they should. Visit their website and watch the video below to learn more and see what you can do to ensure the future of girls around the globe.

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