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Kolibree: The World’s First Mobile Connected Electronic Toothbrush

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Kolibree: The World’s First Mobile Connected Electronic Toothbrush

Brushing your teeth two to three times a day is an easy enough task, but let’s be honest, sometimes life (or pure laziness) gets in the way. Some days you may only get to brush one to two times at most. Obviously, consistently skipping out on brushing your teeth is not good hygiene, and you’ll end up paying for it down the road with horrible toothaches and expensive dentist bills.

Whether you need to get back on track and want to take control of your health and teeth, or you’re already on track and want to keep a record of your progress, Kolibree can help. It’s the world’s first mobile connected electronic toothbrush that wirelessly transmits your brushing stats to a mobile dashboard on your smartphone. Not only that, but it gives you feedback regarding your progress and lets you know where you need to improve.


Kolibree is great for monitoring your brushing times as well as other family members; you can add up to five users. This also makes it rather easy to keep up with the health of your children’s teeth. Be sure to watch the short video above to see how Kolibree makes brushing fun, plus learn what you can do with your stats after viewing them on your phone.

Is this smart toothbrush for you? If you think it is, be on the lookout for the Kickstarter Project and help spread the world by sharing with friends.

Kickstarter Campaign is Coming Soon | Kolibree

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