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How to Turn a Beer Can into a Camp Stove

This is the ultimate survivalist’s guide on how to turn beer into energy in just minutes.  As long as you have a knife and a beer can (or a soda can), you can make a beer can camp stove good enough to cook on in just minutes.


  1. pocket knife or pair of scissors
  2. beer or soda can

You’ll still need fuel; medical alcohol or rubbing alcohol from your local pharmacy is recommended.  The video below shows how to make the stove, how to light it and how to smother it (no, blowing won’t work).

How To Turn A Beer Can Into The Only Camping Stove You’ll Ever Need
from Tom Allen on Vimeo.

The only downside to making this beer can camp stove is if you have to drain the beer can to make the stove.  No, wait – that’s an upside.  Bottoms up!

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