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How to Trim Dog and Cat Nails

Trimming dog and cat nails is an important part of pet grooming, as overgrown nails cause problems for both you and the animal. The trimming of a pet’s nails depends on the pet itself, as different steps for different animals so the nails are cut correctly and without pain. Learn how to do it yourself and save money on trips to the groomer!

Unless you’ve never seen a cat or a dog, you already know their claws are different. Dog nails are not retractable, whereas cat nails are. The latter are visible only if the animal flexes its paws for scratching, gripping, stretching, or hunting. Although both cat and dog nails wear down on their own, with cats actually shedding their claws occasionally, it’s still important to trim nails, especially if your home mainly features carpeting and other highly-scratchable surfaces. Dogs, for example, require hard surfaces in order for their claws to wear down. Kanines need regular trimming to avoid paw misalignment and subsequently walking unsteadily on their feet.

Keeping claws short is also important to protect furniture, drapes and curtains, hardwood flooring, other household items, and your own skin and clothing. While it may seem difficult at first, the more you work at it, the more used to the procedure the animal will become. Although slightly different procedures are necessary for each animal, it is important to avoid the “quick,” or what brings blood flow to the nail. Cutting the quick on a cat or dog nail will result in blood and pain.

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