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How to Make Your Own Natural Vinegar Cleaners

Vinegar is an amazing, cheap and natural cleaner, but anyone who has ever tried vinegar cleaners with it can affirm the fact that the smell isn’t all that appealing. Fortunately, it’s easy to modify the scent and enhance the cleaning capabilities of the vinegar with the simple addition of citrus peels.

The Yummy Life has a particularly useful set of recipes to make your vinegar smell fantastic with different citrus peels and herbs that are allowed to infuse together over a two week period.

natural vinegar cleaners

She does warn that the initial vinegar smell will never completely disappear when you use vinegar cleaners, but when you infuse it with these citrus/herb combinations, the smell will become pleasant within no time -whereas regular vinegar cleaners continue to stink for a while. If vinegar scents really bother you, she also advises adding a bit of essential oil to the mixture to reduce the smell even more.

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