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How to Keep Your Home from Smelling Like Smoke

Nobody likes to have smoke in their home or apartment and in many cases, it is not even allowed. Getting rid of the smoke in your living quarters is an easy task if you are able to find the right hacks to do so. This list by Electric Cigarette Tree can help you to make the air smell much better no matter how much smoking you or your family does.

1. Carpets – your carpet could be the main culprit for keeping that smoke smell in your home. Try to place down baking soda, letting it sit for a while, and then vacuuming the carpet to lift out the odor. If this doesn’t work, get activated charcoal from a pet shop and place it around the home in order to gradually reduce the smell.
2. Mask the smell – using other strong, but less objectionable odors, you can easily get rid of the smoke smell. If you do not mind the smell of white vinegar, place it in bowls around your apartment and watch it mask the smoke completely.
3. Air filters – the air in your home is regulated by the filter, but most people wait too long to clean it. Get rid of the smoke smell by filtering it more efficiently
4. Smoking locations and types – finally, try to smoke in different areas outside of your home. Walk around outside when you want to smoke and use ecigarettes if you want to make sure you have the least smoke to deal with as possible.

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