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How to Get To Five Servings of Fruit and Veg per Day

Eat too much meat? Want to increase your daily helping of dietary fiber, nutrients and goodness from fresh fruit and vegetables? Then this lesson is for you. A lot of our bad diets are caused by habits that we need to break. This Free Lifehack lesson will set up the foundations for you to get into a healthy eating habit and get you onto the road of a nutritious diet. All you have to do to access the lesson is sign up to Lifehack Lessons.

Here’s an excerpt from this lesson

We all know why you need to eat five servings a day, but for many of us the real challenge is how to do it. Today we are going to take a look at some simple strategies that you can use to get from zero to five servings or more in no time at all. So now lets talk about your meals.

Follow the tasks and with some solid meal planning, a little bit of forethought and some judicious shopping you can get your fruits and veggies in without too much stress or fuss.

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