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How to Choose a Service Provider for Your Home Repair Needs

Who needs outside help for their home when DIY tools, stores and websites with instructions are easily accessible?  We don’t really want to tackle the more tricky big plumbing jobs or potentially dangerous electric works. It’s also a time saving measure. How much do you value your time? Would it be cheaper to bring someone in to build the decking in your garden rather than do it yourself? The problem is, who can we trust? How do we find the right person to help us service our home? This Lifehack Lesson helps you with that. It’s free for the first 7 days, after which you can subscribe to this lesson for $1.99 and get any of the other lessons for only $1.99

Here’s an excerpt from the Lesson –

DIY Projects are all the rage! In fact, it’s a lucrative business fueled by a tough economy where people are trying to cut corners and save cash. (And who isn’t these days?)

But, word to the wise: undertaking home repairs yourself can sometimes be costly, unsafe and unproductive. Which is why learning the “nuts and bolts” of choosing a service provider has become increasingly important to today’s savvy homeowner seeking to maintain a home that’s attractive, structurally sound, and functional.

Do you need new lighting in your living room? A deck built for the summer? A maid to help manage your clutter? A bigger bathroom? A yard guy who will go the whole “9 yards”?


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