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How To Be A Good House Guest or Host

How To Be A Good House Guest or Host

The house guest/host relationship can be tense at times. When have you overstayed your welcome and how do you properly accommodate guests?

Generally, common sense and politeness prevail and there are no issues; but sometimes people don’t make the right adjustments and end up making someone feel uncomfortable.

A list of Do’s and Don’ts would be ideal, but for now enjoy these two articles: one suggesting how to be a gracious host and the other detailing how to be a good house guest.

Spend some hours away from your hosts and their house each day. This will be better for both of you for it will freshen your time together. Plan sight seeing or visiting other friends ahead of time, if you can, and let your hosts know when you will be gone and will come back, and if you can, leave for them a way to contact you.

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