How to Quit Smoking the Smart Way -- Use a Device!


I used to smoke more than a pack of cigarettes a day. That was in my twenties. After sometime, for several years I’ve had smokers cough. My throat was sore all the time. It became ultra sensitive. Then I started to feel chest pains. That’s it, I told myself.

But, for many years, it remained a wish. Until I have seriously resolved to quit for good. I did it with a fervent prayer and pretty soon, I started the journey of quitting smoking altogether. I did it slowly. Reducing the sticks I enjoyed week per week. Then day by day. A pack, then 18 sticks, then 16 sticks, and so on. When I was down to 10 sticks, I would be stressed at work, and I would destroy everything I have worked hard for, for many weeks, ’cause I would be back to smoking more cigarettes again. I would start all over. So goes my story of kicking the smoking habit.

You’ll see what’s the finale of my story later. Meantime, I want to show you a device that could help you quit. It’s a spectacular device designed to assist you in your smoke quitting sojourn. It even has a smart name. It’s called QuitBit.

Double QuitBit

How does QuitBit work?

QuitBit is a Smart Lighter. It may look ordinary but it’s actually equipped with a mini LED display positioned on the upper portion of its body. Let me tell you about The LED display. It monitors the number of sticks you have lighted up. Another function it does (in an amazing way) is to track the elapsed time since your last stick. Checking this can be done at a glance. Just look at the display. It reports the details you need. Simple.


Self awareness is the main thrust of the device’s principle to help smokers quit. The manufacturers believe that throwing away the habit is a breeze when the smoke addict can harness the power of self-awareness. If a smoker can track his progress, he can ultimately quit the habit.


This Smart lighter lights up tobacco with an integrated electronic heating coil. The last phrase looks familiar because it is similar to the one used in car lighters. Probably you have even used one. The heating coil is also responsible in helping the intelligent lighter monitor the number of sticks you light up. It’s super smart, it can decipher if you are sharing cigarettes with friends, or just flicking them to keep your fingers busy when intense cravings of tobacco attacks you.

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by Daniel via Appcessories. Good for you, you have QuitBit to help you now. In my quitting days I only had myself, my wife, and God. So how did I quit? I did it with a strong determination, strong prayers, and faith in God.

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