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How to Make Your Crock Pot Less Hideous

Those of us who love our Crock Pots know how fantastic slow cookers can be, especially when it comes to heating up amazing meals while the “chef” is off at work. Unfortunately, many Crock Pots, especially the older ones, are absolutely hideous. That’s not such a big deal if you store your Crock Pot out of the way and only use it at home, but if you leave it on the counter all the time or bring it to potlucks regularly, then you might want your Crock Pot to be a little less of an eyesore.

Bright Green Door Blog suggests painting your Crock Pot with chalkboard paint so you can write on it whenever you cook. This would be particularly helpful for potlucks so everyone immediately knows what you have in the pot. Of course, if you want your Crock Pot to match your kitchen, you could always paint it any color you want. Just make sure to get a heat-safe paint and to tape off the metal rim and the bottom, and to remove the handles and dial before you start painting.

Chalkboard Crockpot.png

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