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How to Make A Healthier Salad

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How to Make A Healthier Salad

Salads are a very popular meal option for those who are dieting, but they’re not always healthy. Sure all salads usually include a green (mostly lettuce) and a few veggies here and there, but when you add on fried toppings and fatty dressings the calories can really add up. This is why it’s important to watch what you’re eating in your salad. Below is a great guide of ingredients that you can use to make a healthier salad.

When it comes to greens, you’re not just limited to lettuce. As a matter of fact, there are some even better options that you can use like kale, spinach, cabbage and herbs. Grains are a healthy way to add protein to any salad and are a great alternative to meat if you’re a vegetarian.

How to Make a Healthier Salad Infographic

    Fruits and nuts are a nice treat and are great sources of vitamins and antioxidants. As an added bonus, you can use 1-tablespoon of an extra item listed at the bottom, such as feta or blue cheese. Lastly, you’ll find some healthy salad dressing recipes that should only take a few minutes to make. What are your favorite salad toppings?

    How to Make a Healthier Salad [Infographic] | Greatist

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