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How Important Is Early Education?



During the first 3 years of development, a child’s brain grows rapidly and needs constant nurturing. If a foundation of education begins before a child’s fourth birthday they are much more likely to excel in future education, social situations and have a higher rate of overall happiness.

A study carried out over four decades found that adults who had been to pre-school had higher earnings and were more likely to have a good job in comparison to the adults who had not started education early on. In addition to this, of those who went to pre-school 65% had graduated high school, in comparison to just 45% of those who had not been in educational childcare. The financial return to society for putting your child in education early is also beneficial, at $16 for every tax dollar invested in early childcare and education.

Check out this infographic from School Tutoring to find more benefits or starting to educate your child early on.

The Importance Of Early Education | School Tutoring

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