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How to Create Fruit-Based Beauty Products

Fruit is an essential part of a healthful diet as such produce is full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other nutritious ingredients that keep the body healthy, strong and disease-free. Many fruits feature antioxidants that fight those annoying free radicals, which attack the cells and contribute to the aging process. Applying different fruits to the skin also has many benefits, from removing dead skin cells to healing acne to strengthening hair and much more. Learn how to create fruit-based beauty products at home and maintain beautiful skin and hair!


Why spend money on expensive beauty products that contain nasty chemicals when you can whip up your own skin and hair recipes at home? Opt for fruit purchased from your local farmers’ market or health food store for best results as such produce hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals. As when consuming fruit, it’s best to use the produce for beauty purposes within the first few days after purchase to maximize effectiveness. The fresher the produce, the more potent the vitamins and minerals that make them up! Use fruit to create face masks, hair masks, scrubs, cleansers and more.

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