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How To Cook Perfect Sunny-Side Up Eggs

The way you start your day is crucial to how your day will take shape. As an illustration, notice how in Track and Field events, especially in the Olympics, the first runner in a 100-meter-dash relays, always has to be the best runner? Sports coaches apply the principle: Start right and you will have a better chance to end well. Consequently, waking up with a nice breakfast can kick off your day with a big bang!

Talking about breakfast, why don’t we discuss perfect sunny side up eggs? Just how do you cook one, anyway? First, allow me to present to you two ways people attempt to make perfect sunny side ups. Some homebased chefs flip the egg when dishing out a supposed to be a great sunny side up. Usually the product is fine, doesn’t look saggy; but, where’s the sunshine(egg yolk)? It’s covered and seem wearing a bridal gown. It appears sad because the yolk is hidden inside. Not perfect.

The second way: The style of cooking using a lid. Cover the pan with your lid when frying to capture steam, so you can cook the top of the egg. The result? You come out with a pretty yolk, alright — Nice and sunny yellow; however, the bottom is over-cooked. Not perfect, either.

Finally, the method you want to follow. How to cook the perfect sunny side up eggs. Let’s welcome Mr. Breakfast.


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