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How to Build a Stand Desk for Only $22

Sitting for long durations will cause you to suffer from numerous metabolic problems. When you spent too much time sitting, your circulation suffers, and your body will not produce the chemicals needed to dissolve sugar and fat in your diet.

Furthermore, a lot of studies have shown dramatic effects of sitting for many hours. Those who sit for most of the day are 54% more likely to have a heart attack. Males who sit for more than 6 hours per day, have a 20% higher mortality rate compared to their counterparts who have less time to sit. Women who sits more than 6 hours a day have a 40% higher mortality rate compared to their peers who are more active. Moreover, if you sit for more than 23 hours every week you have a bigger chance of dying due to a heart disease. Infact, 64% more likely to do so.

In light of these facts, we recommend building a stand desk. That way, you can choose to stand when working with your computer. When you get tired, you can always decide to sit and work. At least, now, you can minimize your time sitting down.

stand Desk infographic_10
The stand desk in action:
stand desk in action_1
stand desk in action_02

I know you would like to have one. Go ahead, check this guide in assembling a stand desk.

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