‘Be Happy, Do This:’ 100 Handwritten Ideas On How To Be Happy

‘Be Happy, Do This:’ 100 Handwritten Ideas On How To Be Happy


    As part of his Masters in Branding at New York’s School of Visual Arts, student Graham McMullin created a project in which poses an important life question on 100 individuals.

    The question? “What makes you happy?” Once he received the answers, McMullin then tried them out for himself.

    Responses from family, friends, strangers and businesses poured in and soon his Tumblr blog where he logs photographs of his experiences was full of happiness.

    “I think the best bit of the whole experience is that it teaches you to be more present and less detached,” McMullin told Creative Review. “I deliberately asked a broad range of people, and it’s had me travelling all over the city, but one of my favourite suggestions was just ‘sit on a park bench and watch people’…We’re all so busy these days that you feel guilty sitting around for 40 minutes, but it was actually really uplifting,”

    You can check out his entire project here.


              Be Happy! Do This: | Graham McMullin

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              Last Updated on August 12, 2021

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