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Hack Ikea Furniture into an Ultimate Hamster Home

Furry, cage-dwelling pets can be fun, but finding them a suitable home can be expensive and difficult, especially when you need their living quarters to fit a certain space or look a particular way. If you’re already looking at spending over $100 on a hamster, ferret or guinea pig cage, you might want to follow in the steps of IKEA Hacker Martina, who built this massive hamster home with an IKEA EXPEDIT shelving unit, an additional back plate and some sliding glass doors.

One of the greatest things about this kind of design is that it even allows for enough shelving space to store all the bags of hamster toys, treats, food and bedding in one spot and even leaves you with enough space to store a few unrelated items too.


I looked at this type of option when I was looking to build a large cage for my chinchillas that wouldn’t cost an absolute fortune. I eventually decided against it when I remembered that my bratty chinchis would probably chew a hole through the wood and escape the first night they spent in the thing. Which is precisely why it is so important to understand your particular pet before building your own custom enclosure for them.

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