A Guide to Being Single on Valentines Day

A Guide to Being Single on Valentines Day



    Brace yourself single people: Valentines Day is upon us. If you’re a bit apprehensive about (read: sick of) seeing couples doting over each other, we’ve got the ultimate guide to being joyful this Valentines Day.

    Did you know Cupid – the slightly creepy mascot of love – actually had two types of arrows? One kind will fill the victim with uncontrollable desire and the other to make the desired feel overcome with aversion. Romantic, huh? Approximately 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are given each year, making it the second most popular card-sending holiday behind Christmas, although that’s probably because it’s commercialised beyond belief.

    So, how can you have the best Valentines Day when your not part of the love-zombie-hoard?

    1. Re-Energise your spirt.
    2. Prioritise “me” time.
    3. Nurture the different kinds of love you have around you.
    4. Focus on mental and physical fitness.
    5. Re-define the type of love you should give.

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